2012 Harvest

2012 Harvest

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Harvest - July 2013

Harvesting Carrots

The month of July has really been a great month for the garden and we could hardly keep up with the vegetables. We began picking a few carrots towards the end of June, but they really started producing in the beginning of July. We pulled all of the remaining carrots a few days ago and filled about 5 gallon size freezer bags. Time to plant another crop for the fall.

Crooked Carrot
Largest Carrot

Our zucchini plants produced fairly well this year giving us over 75 zucchinis. The plants pretty much died over the last week so I pulled them out to give us some room to plant fall crops.

Zucchini Plant
Black Beauty Zucchini

As usual, our beans seemed to produce absurd amounts of food. Unfortunately, it is probably out least favorite vegetable in the garden, but I can't help but grow it each year considering how much they produce.

Green Beans
We planted four rows of beans, each 18 feet long. Only two of the rows would be used as green beans and the other two as dried beans.  Our first day of picking, we harvesting 16 quarts of green beans.  We probably could have harvested 16 more quarts, but I have decided to let the remaining beans ripen fully on the vine to produce dried beans instead.

Mound of Green Beans
16 quarts of Green Beans

Snap Pea Vines
Dead Snap Pea Vines
This has been our most successful year for snap peas harvesting over 20 quarts. Typical for this time of year, the vines have died off and any remaining pea pods can be harvesting for next year's seeds.

Snap Pea Seed Pods
Snap Pea Seeds

We harvested a lot of onions in mid July, but unfortunately the weather conditions during the last week or two before harvesting them was not ideal. We had a good deal of rain, which seemed to take its toll on our crop. About 1/3 of our onions began to rot before we were able to harvest them.  Still was able to get a decent crop though.

White, Yellow, and Red Onions

Dead potato plants
Potato Plants ready for Harvesting
My most favorite vegetable to grow, harvest, and eat, has to be potatoes. They are definitely a lot of work, but the amount of food they produce and their storage capabilities makes it well worth it.  Check out the YouTube video of me harvesting these as well.

Potatoes in the Field
Potato Harvest
We grew four different varieties, Kennebec, Red Norland, Yukon Gold, and Russet potatoes. In total we harvested 205 lbs of potatoes, which should cover my small family's consumption for the year. 115 lbs of Kennebec potatoes (5 rows). 33 lbs of Red Norland (1 row). 32 lbs of Russet Potatoes (1 row). 25 lbs of Yukon Gold (1 Row).

Kennebec Potato Harvest
115 lbs of Kennebec Potatoes
Potato Burlap Bags
Potatoes Ready for Storage
Small Potatoes
Baby Potatoes