2012 Harvest

2012 Harvest

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Raising Swedish Ducks

Swedish Duck Hens
When we first decided to get some farm animals we debated whether to start with Chickens or Ducks. Most families would probably start with chickens, but we decided to go with ducks for various reasons I will explain below. Our goal was to find an all purpose breed that would provide good egg production and a decent roast if need be. The two breeds we were interested in were Swedish Ducks and Saxony Ducks.  Fortunately we found some 1 year old Swedish Ducks on craigslist for $5 a bird. The farm we got our ducks from had a few drakes, so we decided to get two hens and one drake.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fertilizing the Garden

If you want to ensure a decent yielding garden year after year, you have to continually feed your soil with organic matter to help replenish the nutrients that were taken out of the ground in previous years. This year we are trying a few different methods to test which one yields the best result. We'll have a portion of the garden fertilized with Horse manure, a portion fertilized with Mushroom Compost, and another portion with a granulated fertilizer. All have their own benefits and disadvantages, but we'll share our experience with each of them and of course as the season progresses, how each performed in the garden.

Horse Manure:

Horse Manure mixed with Pine Shavings